Member Benefits

Our members have the exclusive rights to the Texas Apartment Association copyrighted lease forms to execute with their residents.  

Available to Owner/Manager members only.

Use of the Texas Apartment Association's (TAA) REDBOOK The "Industry Bible", 796 page, comprehensive, easy-to-read reference on Texas Landlord Tenant Law. The REDBOOK also includes certain forms unavailable for purchase that are included for your convenience.

Pre-printed forms can be purchased through the AACT office.  Electronic forms are available through TAA Click n' Lease, by purchasing a site license to give yourself online access to over 30 standardized forms and REDBOOK Online.  Some of these forms include Lease Contracts, Rental Applications, Inventory and Condition Form, Animal Addendum, Contract Guarantor Form, Vacate Notices and many more. TAA Click n' lease also now includes the revamped Student Housing Lease.  

These forms are complete and updated every 2 years as the legislation changes.

Available to Owner/Manager members only

Educational Opportunities

Available for owners, property supervisors, managers, leasing consultants, maintenance technicians , Supplier Partners and other members of your rental industry staff. National Apartment Association (NAA) certification and designation programs are available as well as industry related seminars ranging from leasing basics and budgeting to HVAC training and customer service.


AACT provides members with regular updates and advertising opportunities via print, email, and through our Facebook  and Instagram page. The AACT website is updated consistantly with the most  current Supplier Partner Directory.   The Texas Apartment Association's (TAA) "Apartments" magazine is distributed four times per year and is filled with state industry news and articles. TAA also publishes a monthly 6-page newsletter with timely topics addressed. The National Apartment Association (NAA) publishes "Units" magazine, which is distributed to members twelve times a year that cover national industry issues.


Supplier Partner members are listed free of charge in the of The Online Membership Directory. Additional advertising opportunities are available on this website, and in our newsletters at a very reasonable rate. Member provides the camera-ready material.

Advertising rates for each year are approved by the Board of Directors. Members must contact AACT to reserve space in upcoming issues.

Networking and Events

An annual calendar is approved each year by the Board of Directors which includes several networking opportunities for members including:
- Platinum (Sponsored) Education Classes
- Monthly Supplier Partner Lunch meetings
- Community Outreach Opportunities
- Special Events
- Educational Sessions
- Holiday Party
- Professional Awards and Officer Installation


Sponsorships assist the Association in meeting our Annual Budget and are available as year-round packages at reasonable rates, or individual sponsorships per event. Year-round Sponsorships are grouped and priced to give each level the most exposure and opportunity within their budget. Individual event sponsorships are available starting at only $25.

Legislative Representation

TAA and NAA closely monitor legislation and regulatory restrictions which affect our industry. They work in conjunction with local affiliate representatives to advocate, vote, and reach out to elected officials at the local, state, and national levels to help ensure that our industry is not over-burdened with excessive fees, regulations, or code restrictions. Each year, TAA and NAA host "Capitol Conferences" in Austin, Texas and Washington, DC.

A portion of the dues you pay to AACT are given to the Texas Apartment Association and National Apartment Association which automatically grants you dual membership into those organizations and entitles you to such benefits as industry related publications, copyrighted forms and legislative representation.

Other Services

Other services include a job bank and other industry information. Resumes and job openings are kept on file to assist industry professionals in finding a job and assist employers with filling a position. 

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